PerNic Cox

Natural treatment of osteoarthritis in dogs redefined

Osteoarthritis or correctly "osteo Arthrosis deformans" is a very complex interaction of structural and biochemical changes in the joint. Inflammatory processes can affect the entire joint. Over time, cartilage can deteriorate and may even disappear completely. This results in bone-to-bone contact in your joints, causing pain, stiffness, and sometimes swelling.

Osteoarthritis is progressive and cannot be cured; all the processes involved and their interactions have not been fully researched and understood. However, the balance between the renewal of the cells and disposal of waste products is always compromised, leading to a cycle of new inflammatory processes and further destruction.
You can with a targeted therapy, however, slow down the course of the disease. An important point here is to interrupt the chain of transmitters, which cause the body to break down cartilage.

PerNic® Cox is the most advanced type of dietary supplement feed for osteoarthritis.

● The Syringe Dispenser makes PerNic® Cox easy to use. The desired quantity is simply set on the dial, which, after removal of the seal, can be applied directly from the tube either to the dog's mouth, or over the usual feed or in a treat.
● PerNic® Cox fully meets these demands of an effective supplement according to the latest state of science.
● PerNic® Cox tastes so delicious that the dog voluntarily remembers that he wants to have his daily dose.
● Free from grain, sugar, dyes or unnatural flavors
● Easy and safe combination with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (analgesics)
● The most innovative way to restore your dog's mobility

I Like to move it

patients experience


Muffins experience with PerNic Cox

"Hello, my name is Muffin, I'm a six-year-old American Bulldog bitch who loves to play ball (well, there are people who say I'm a little bit crazy).
Unfortunately, a mishap has happened to me lately, it 'ping' and my cruciate ligament was torn. Because I'm a not so tender lady and so my legs have a lot to wear, my knee has been patched together and I can walk fine with it again. To keep it that way for a long time, I'm getting Pernic® Cox - 3ml each day - and I have to admit, I suck it straight out of the tube and take my ball every day for a walk ... but masters said, until For the rest, I'm only allowed to wear it, not hunt it."


Patient Merry

This is Merry, a nearly 14 year old Beauceron female dog. The age makes her bother and getting up became more difficult. PerNic Cox has become a daily ritual, it just tastes too good. Of course she does not jump like a puppy but thanks to PerNic Cox she likes to move more and enjoy the movement more.